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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We hope our guests choose a vacation in the British Virgin Islands because it is so beautiful! We want to help keep it that way so here's just a few of the initiatives we're practising to reduce our impact on this beautiful part of the world.


  • Reduce our waste. 

We supply re usable water bottles for all guests to use aboard & take home. 

We purchase marine friendly cleaning & personal hygiene products in bulk and refill.

We collect all our organic waste and pass it onto local farms for their compost efforts.


  • Reuse what we can.

Glass jars, yoghurt pots etc are re used for many applications aboard.

Old towels & linens are passed on to local animal charities for reuse.


  • Recycle glass, aluminium & plastics.

Recycling is slowly becoming easier in BVI. We have been recycling glass & aluminium for a few years now and we can now recycle plastic also!


  • Support local business & charity.

We give unused food from charter to Family Support Network to distribute to those in need in BVI.

We purchase as much produce from local farms and business’ as we can to support the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. For the 2017/18 & 19 charter seasons we pledged to give a percentage of our gratuities to grassroots charities supporting the redevelopment of the territory after Hurricanes Irma & Maria in Sept '17.

For season 2019/21 we pledge to give one day of our time to local charities & initiatives for every charter we do.

  • Association of Reef Keepers.

We have linked with ARK BVI to help monitor the health of the marine life from corals to turtles in the BVI. We have assisted with tagging & data collection of the turtle population here in BVI, there are now two turtles which we have named Gypsy & Princess living on Peter Island. If you are interested in a day helping ARK during your vacation please ask us about how we can fit this in.

  • How YOU can make a difference.

With the help of the Charter Yacht Society & Pack for a Purpose you, our future guests,

can help those in need in the BVI. Whether children, families or animals there is a

project you can help with if you just have a small amount of space in your luggage.

Follow this link to learn more.....

Pack for a Purpose
Fresh, local, organic vegetables
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.